Commercial Solar Batteries

Commercial Solar Batteries: Common Traps

Commercial Solar Batteries can open up new streams of revenue and help you offset your business' energy costs

Solar batteries make great sense for commercial projects. They are typically larger than residential batteries and can unlock a  range of novel revenue streams. But that doesn’t mean you should just blindly run out and install the first battery you come across.

There are some common pitfalls that commercial clients fall into when they decide to take their workplace solar. And while a battery adds significant value, it also requires a little more technical know-how and experience to truly maximise the value.

You need to make sure you’re identifying the best source of value… and make sure you’re well set up to access those value stacks. And it’s important that you select the right battery solution for your needs. It needs to be able to offset your power prices while also opening up avenues for revenue generation. And lastly, there are unique sources of additional income you can generate with your battery that not every solar provider offers.

Sounds complicated? It can be, but that’s why ShineHub’s team of commercial experts is here to help. ShineHub Commercial has deep technical knowledge and experience in designing and deploying commercial battery solutions. We’ve staked our claim at the forefront of Commercial Solar and Battery solutions. And we want to help you grow your business with solar.

Want to chat to a commercial solar wiz? Then request a quote or drop us an email at We’ll help you find the solution that can drive the most additional revenue to your business.

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Identify the Best Sources of Value

There are many ways to create value with a commercial solar battery. And these range from simple and straightforward to the more complex options. And often, the best result can be achieved by accessing multiple sources of value simultaneously – in what is termed a ‘battery value stack.’

On the simple end of things, you’ve got the savings that you can generate by using the solar you create for your own business needs – where a battery allows you to distribute your grid power usage throughout the day and avoid higher time-of-use charges.

At the more complicated end of the spectrum are value streams associated with participation in wholesale markets and ancillary service markets (Frequency Control Ancillary Services, better known as FCAS). Now, these sources of value can be complex, but that’s where ShineHub’s expertise comes in. Rather than just being satisfied with the savings you can make by using your power on your own, we’ll cut through the tricky parts to make sure you can access every stream of revenue that makes sense for your business.

And then, of course, there’s the value source that only ShineHub can offer you…

ShineHub Virtual Power Plant – A Brand New Revenue Stream

ShineHub’s Virtual Power Plant lets you sell the power on your battery back to the grid. This power acts as an on-demand power source whenever the grid is experiencing times of high demand.

And here’s the best part – every time your battery is used by our VPP to support the grid, you get paid $0.45/kWh* – in addition to any Feed-In Tariff offered by your retailer.

When you consider that a Commercial Solar Energy Storage system can be capable of producing hundreds of kW per hour, you can see that joining a Virtual Power Plant has the potential to add serious value to your commercial solar setup.

The Storage Solution You Choose Makes All the Difference

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for commercial projects. Having access to so many distinct sources of value is a great thing, but the storage solution you choose needs to be tailored to the value stacks you intend to access.

And there’s a lot of room for variation when it comes to commercial solar. Do you run a small business? Then maybe you only need panels and a small battery to make the most of the way you use your power. Looking for a commercial solar solution for a major retail centre? Okay then… how many hundreds of kWh can you fit? All that spare roof space =  money to be made!

We deliver solar solutions for industry ranging from offices and retail centres to hospitals, schools, and even strata apartment buildings.

The nature of that solution will change based on how much space you have, how you use your power, and what value streams you are interested in accessing to create additional revenue for your business.

But no matter the answer to these questions, one thing is almost always true… your business can save money or generate extra profits with a Solar and Battery solution.

Make Sure You’re Getting Good Advice

As we said earlier, commercial solar is not a one-size-fits-all situation. The majority of businesses will benefit from a commercial solar solution, but you need to make sure you’re getting the right setup.

That’s why you should always be careful of solar companies that promise you the world, but skimp on the details.

ShineHub’s team of solar engineers and commercial experts boasts a deep technical expertise in complex, large-scale renewable projects. All of our electrical engineering and design work is carried out in-house, meaning we have full control over the solution architecture from start to finish. Not just that, but we’re accountable to you for every part of the process.

We’re a licensed electrical contractor and CEC-approved retailer with more than 3,500+ customers and a wealth of experience with tenders. And that’s good news for you, because as you’re about to see, things can get a little complicated when it comes to commercial solar. So you’re going to want someone like ShineHub Commercial to make things simple for you.

Ready to level up your business with solar? Get a quote or give us a call on 1800 898 381 to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts! Or visit our Commercial Page to learn more.

*Shinehub VPP terms and conditions apply.

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