Local Gardens Sprout Up Thanks to ShineHub

South Coast Environment Centre creates community garden with proceeds from the Fleurieu Community Solar Program
In early 2019 ShineHub held Community Solar Programs all across South Australia, connecting with people ready to harness the power of the sun. We were fortunate enough to have the support of not-for-profit organisations all over the state who helped us to spread the word about our programs.

One of the organisations we worked closely with on the Fleurieu Community Solar Program was the South Coast Environment Centre, a non-profit hub that supports local, ecologically sustainable, natural resource management in Victor Harbor, South Australia. We were proud to offer this great organisation a donation as part of our ‘community giveback’ initiative.

So, what have they managed to do with the money we donated? They are in the process of planting ‘no dig garden beds’ in their community garden! “What is a no dig garden bed?”, I hear you ask. Well, just as the name describes, it’s one you don’t have to dig! It sits above the ground and doesn’t have any soil. Instead, it is full of other good stuff that can be easily repurposed, such as layers of compost, organic material, logs, sticks, newspaper and even hay.

Full of seedlings, these no dig garden beds are also ready to harness the power of the sun (just like solar panels!) and grow into delicious veggies, helpful herbs and beautiful blooms. A great sustainable addition to the community for local residents to enjoy!

For updates as these beauties begin to blossom, follow South Coast Environment Centre on Facebook.

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