Going Solar and Giving Back to the Community: One Homeowner’s Shinehub Experience

At ShineHub, we know that getting a perspective from real Aussies is always more convincing than any paid advertisement.

That’s we were so happy to hear back from Paul Toner about his experience of going solar with ShineHub – and especially about how he felt empowered with the knowledge he needed to make the right decision for his family.

Homeowner Paul Toner

Watch the video here: Paul’s Solar & Battery System 


Hi I’m Paul, welcome to my place. We’ve been in the Blue Mountains for 23 and half years. We’ve got 90% of our energy coming from the sun and we’re completely over the moon, so to speak, with what we have done and how we’ve done it.

It was actually really easy – our vision was to produce and self-sufficient existence. And the way do to it was with battery storage.

We saw an ad from ShineHub on the Internet and we followed that through with some enquiries and they gave us some terrific advice and support.

Shinehub were able to help me understand my product choices.

The hybrid system that we selected exactly fitted what we required for the increase in our solar production, by way of increasing the number of panels and also our battery storage for nighttime usage.

ShineHub enabled us to find the right local installer. The installer we selected AV energy, a local family owned business, was exactly what we were after. Fantastic technical expertise in all areas.

Now that I’m really familiar with the system, I’m able to go and physically see what I’m producing and how much I’m producing, so I’m really enthusiastic where it is where its coming from and how I’m doing it.

We utilize the power form our solar installation to run our Airbnb and we actually make money from our facilities as well.

There’s no feeling quite like being able to put back into community and environment. You’ve got the cost benefit for your hip pocket – so you’ve got a greater enthusiasm for life as a whole.

We’re now solar self sufficient, we can go off grid down the track if required.

The options for us now are endless!

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