Adelaide resident? Here’s the best way to research your solar options

Everything you need to know to select solar panels or a battery for your home in Adelaide

Considering switching to solar power at home, but aren’t sure where to start? Choosing a solar energy provider who will assist you in creating long term renewable solutions is your first step towards solar success.ShineHub understands how important it is to choose the correct energy package at the right price for your home and family. That’s why we offer our customers the tools they need to make informed decisions that suit your individual needs.

Understanding solar power in Adelaide

Did you know that 1 in 3 households in South Australia now have solar? It’s easy to see why cleaner energy solutions have soared in popularity. Solar gives households a modern solution for their energy needs through massive savings on bills and protected energy supply.

However, it’s important to remember that not all solar providers are the same. When making your decision, it’s a good idea to define your motivations and think realistically about your expectations.

Take a few minutes to sit down and ask yourself some of the following questions:

1. Can I afford solar?

The costs for a newly installed solar panel system can range from $2,500 to $10,000  if you buy it outright. However, you may be able to get rebates, or pay-as-you-go repayment options, depending on your solar provider to make it more affordable.  In many cases the solar savings on your electricity bill will be more than repayments on a pay-as-you-go plan.

Comparing installers should be an important part of your research but it’s equally important to know what makes a quality solar panel. Keep an eye out for panels that score well on the DNV-GL report, and hold a solid solar power warranty for a 25-year panel lifespan.

2. When does my family use the most energy?

Your solar package should work efficiently when you need it to, so ask yourself when you use electricity – is it more during the day, or more at night? If you use a lot of power at night, be sure to consider a solar battery so that you can use your solar power in the evening as well as during the day.  A quality solar installer will be able to help you customise your system so you’re always getting maximum benefits.

3. What’s my current situation?

If you are a small family wanting to run your whole house on solar, you’ll need a larger system to cater to your needs. Solar solutions for isolated areas of your home (i.e greenhouses) work a little differently but might end up becoming a bigger investment if you decide to upgrade your setup down the line. A good solar consultant will be able to map your options based on your lifestyle as well as technical considerations such as panel configuration.

4. Am I ready for the next step towards a solar-powered future?

If you’re in Adelaide (or the surrounding suburbs) and feel ready to put your research into action, select your current situation from the options below.

Once you’ve selected your preferences, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes for panel, battery, or panel and battery solution.

5. How profitable are solar batteries in SA?

Once you’ve selected your preferences, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes for panel, battery, or panel and battery solution.

Battery storage is another thing to consider when planning your installation. It’s easy to have your appliances running when you’re home to use them, but if this excess power isn’t stored in a battery, the power you’ve created is sent back to the grid and you’re charged a feed-in tariff every time this happens. Adding a battery to your system ensures that your power is saved and ready to use when you need it, and the University of South Australia confirmed that adding a battery is a good deal.

The addition of a 10 kWh battery could actually save you up to $2.50 per day. Solar and batteries go hand in hand to create the perfect system. The biggest benefit is having solar power available day and night so you’ll never be without power, even in a blackout.

6. Why join a virtual power plant?

Virtual Power Plant or VPP is a collection of home solar batteries that provide energy to the grid in times of need. This helps reduce blackouts, stabilise the grid, and enable the transition to 100% renewable energy for Australia.  Additional savings can be made from your energy provider for the use of your battery when needed.

7. Are hybrid inverters battery-ready?

It’s a common misconception in the solar energy industry that batteries come ready to go. Often, a second inverter for your battery will be needed when adding a battery to most panel systems. If you will be adding solar panels at the same time as your battery, your best choice is a hybrid inverter, which blends both a solar and battery inverter into one device. This means your system is more efficient, easier to manage, and you can add additional batteries to your system without additional hardware costs. 

8. How much does a hybrid inverter cost?

If you only install solar panels, the addition of a hybrid inverter will add to the initial cost of your system at the start, but will save you heads when you are ready to add the battery. However, if you opt for a panel and battery combination, a hybrid inverter will be cheaper and more efficient than purchasing a panel inverter and a battery inverter.

Understanding the ins and outs of a solar installation

With solar, you get what you pay for; which is why it’s worth investing in quality products and installation. Ads promising 5kw packages at $3000, and only slightly more for 10kw deals, have become popular. However, the old adage is right—they might be too good to be true. Cheaper installation procedures often lead to a lack of quality control and additional maintenance costs further down the line.

ShineHub ensures that our providers don’t cut corners, which will save you money in the long run. Having to replace crappy panels, or deal with companies who don’t place value on their installation and maintenance procedures is additional stress that you just don’t need.

With the popularity of solar panels soaring, it’s no wonder many companies want in. The renewable energy industry is booming, and a quick Google search will bring back an astonishing amount of results from hundreds of companies. It’s easy to start a solar company, or even put a new trading name on an old business to escape poor reviews—but it’s harder to deliver on promises.

A good solar installer will answer all your questions and concerns with confidence and knowledge. They’ll easily be able to dispel common myths you may have heard, such as which direction the panels must face. Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions to qualify your short-list of solar specialists, including:

  • Have any installations failed government inspection?
  • Will a Clean Energy Council accredited installer be there for the whole installation?
  • Does the installer have specific battery training and certifications?
  • Do you provide detailed installation photos after the work is complete?
  • Does the quote include installation & setup of an energy monitoring system so you can know that your system is working properly at all times?

Other ways to validate your bad (or good) suspicions about a solar provider

Googling ‘YouTube’ with the solar company name may bring you some honest results. You can also check their site for a CEC Approved Solar Retailer accreditation, and confirm they provide full photo documentation of the installation (which is ideal, in case of any future insurance claims). Make sure comprehensive and cloud-based energy monitoring systems are included, so you can see that everything is working properly.

At ShineHub, we know that the products are what most customers focus on, but the honest truth is that nearly anyone can install a product. The difference is in the quality of the initial system design, installation as per the design, and making all work transparent for the customer. Even the best products, when installed poorly, won’t deliver good results. Safety and quality should be a priority for every installation.

Making sense of the world of solar

With the right tools and knowledge, making a well-informed decision when choosing a solar provider has never been easier. You’ll rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a qualified and professional installer.

Ready to say goodbye to high electricity bills?  Many of our customers have zeroed out their electricity bills, and some are even in credit!

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