Pay As You Go Solar

ShineHub Partners with RateSetter to offer Low-Interest Loans for the SA Home Battery Program

The opportunity to instantly save money and start investing in the sustainability and value of your home is dangling right in front of you - you just have to grab it.

If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s paying electricity bills. 

There’s nothing worse than opening up the letterbox only to see the logo of a big energy company staring back at you. We growl, we sigh, we cry, but we inevitably just accept these bill burdens as a fact of life.

Well, it’s time to question that ‘fact.’ The opportunity to instantly save money and start investing in the sustainability and value of your home is dangling right in front of you – you just have to grab it.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. But brace yourself, because the solution is made up of a couple of ‘dirty’ words – personal loan. Ok we can feel you recoiling already, but if you can manage to put your unconscious bias aside for a moment, you may find a big bag of cash waiting for you at the end of this article!

We Aussies are complex beasts. We will avoid paying interest at any cost, yet we routinely throw away our money to big energy companies willy-nilly. We’ve been conditioned to think that bills are inevitable but interest is avoidable.

So, let’s cut to the chase here – you can save serious money by taking out a personal loan to go solar. We’re not talking about savings in the ‘long run’, we’re talking about more cash in your pocket from day dot.

Let’s crunch some numbers based on an average South Australian household:

A typical SA home has electricity bills around $960 per quarter. Your electricity bills can drop to around $110/qtr with a well designed panel + battery system, with the solar repayments around $189/month* ($567/qtr)*.

If you add the solar repayments + the new electricity bill and compare it to the old electricity bill of $960/qtr, you get an instant saving of $283 per quarter.

The best part? The price of solar never goes up, after a few years you have no payment and free solar power, and you can have power during a blackout. Try getting that deal from your energy company!

On top of instantly saving money, you will be investing in the value of your home. Imagine listing your home for sale and being able to tell potential buyers “say goodbye to your energy bills!”.

So, which would you rather – donate your hard earned money to the fat cats at big energy, or invest in the self-sustainability of your home?

Of course if you have the cash to invest upfront on a solar system, that’s great! But, if you have other priorities for your savings, a personal loan is a great way to go. Think of it this way:

  1. Paying electricity bills = like paying rent to a landlord
  2. Paying off a solar system = like paying a mortgage

You have two choices – either fork out dead money, or use the same money to invest in an asset.

But, this model won’t always work. It will only work if paired with the following elements:

  1. You invest in a solar and battery system at a great price
  2. You secure a loan at a fair rate

So, now to shamelessly plug ourselves – we’re proud to say that we’ve forged the perfect partnerships to get you the best possible deal as part of our South Australia Community Solar Programs.

ShineHub uses group buying power and pre-negotiated discounts to bring down the price of solar systems for everyone who purchases through us – discounts of up to $4,000 on panel and battery packages. Amazingly, our deals on top quality solar and battery systems start at $9,499 or just $150/month* with our partnership with RateSetter Australia.

Why have we selected RateSetter as the lead loan partner for the campaign? It’s pretty simple – the SA Government vetted lots of providers, and ultimately selected RateSetter to administer all of the battery subsidies as part of their 40,000 home battery subsidy rollout. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has also committed $100 million to deliver fixed, low-rate personal loans that make getting solar and/or battery storage affordable for homeowners through the RateSetter platform. And on top of that, RateSetter has a proven track record with over $370 million given to over 27,000 borrowers around the country.

ShineHub’s Community Solar Program is currently being offered exclusively to South Australia. Sorry everyone else, but the folks in South Australia are paying the highest energy prices in the world – and we can help!

So, here’s the big bag of cash we promised you earlier – it’s knowledge!

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The fine print: *Repayments are indicative only for a customer with a good credit standing. The customer’s actual repayment will depend on their individual credit application following the RateEstimate. This document does not constitute an offer of credit. The monthly repayment exclude brokerage that may be capitalised into the loan. RateSetter Australia RE Limited (ABN 571 466 35) holds Australian financial services license number 449176 and Australian credit license number 449176

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