Alert: SA Battery Subsidy Going Down on 15 Apr 2020

The SA Home Battery Subsidy is being reduced on 15-April - here's what it means for you.

The SA Home Battery Subsidy is being reduced on 15-April – here’s what it means for you.

Hey South Australia, you know that Home Battery Subsidy that you’ve heard about? You know, the one offering up to $6,000 on a silver platter for purchasing a home solar battery? Well, the SA Government announced it will be significantly reduced on 15 April, 2020, going from a maximum of $6,000 to $4,000 for eligible systems. 

Below is a snapshot of the current battery subsidy and the new subsidy.  If you want to get the current subsidy of up to $6,000, book a time to talk with our solar experts here and we will help you take advantage of your subsidy before it’s too late

This extremely generous subsidy was never going to last forever. From the start, the SA Government said they would bring down the subsidy over time as more people took up the offer.  The Government has decided to start wrapping it up due to a massive surge in approvals late last year with 1,000 battery subsidies approved in November 2019, the highest month on record.

So, if you’re in SA and have been thinking of getting a solar and battery system or adding a battery to your existing solar system – it’s time to stop putting it off. That silver platter with $6,000 up for grabs won’t be on offer for much longer. 

To ensure you don’t miss out on the subsidy, book an appointment to speak with one of our solar consultants by clicking here.

Ready to place an order?  If you live in South Australia, you can do so here

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