SA Community FAQ

SA Community Solar Program FAQs

The South Australia Community Solar Program has launched and we're getting a few questions. Here's how it works
How does the Community Solar Program work?

The Community Solar Program brings together the best solar products, providers, and local community groups interested in helping people switch to solar and/or battery power for their home. We invite everyone to come along to our educations events to learn about how solar and batteries work in a relaxed environment. For those interested in getting solar, there are special Community Solar deals available as well, with a portion of each sale going back to the non-profits and community organisations that helped out.

Am I obligated to purchase by registering?

No! Solar and battery technology can benefit a lot of people but we understand it’s not for everyone. That’s why we hold the community events and phone consultations – so you can learn about it in a safe, relaxed environment and see if it’s right for you.

What is unique about going solar with the Community Program?

The Community Solar Program offers exclusive, ‘people powered’ solar and battery deals from trusted local solar companies that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition, you get the peace of mind of a fully engineered system design, independent quality assurance check on each installation, and our ‘benefit share’ model of giving a portion of each sale back to local community non-profits.

How does this program support local jobs?

We’ve handpicked solar companies that have been serving their local communities for years to be a part of this program, and many of the installation teams have been trained locally at the Smart Energy Training Centre in Adelaide.

How did you select the products for the Community Program?

One of the best parts of the Community Solar Program is that you know all the products have been vetted by solar engineers, industry experts, and partnering solar companies. We look for proven, reliable products that are backed with Australian technical support and a great warranty. This campaign is featuring the Alpha ESS battery system which is assembled right here in South Australia. UPDATE: AlphaESS has been named a Top Brand by German-based EUPD Research.

How did you select participating solar companies for the Community Program?

We work with the Australian Solar Council’s Master Installer network and the Smart Energy Training Centre here in Adelaide to identify the top local solar companies that have been serving their communities well for years. We make sure their ASIC, ABN, and Fair Trade company history, check that their insurances and licences are up to date, and for companies who will be installing batteries we check that they have the Clean Energy Council solar and battery certification training as well.

How much will I save?

Each person’s savings can vary based on how much energy you use and how many panels we can fit on the roof, but if it’s a good fit, you can save up to 90% on your electricity bills. A few participants in the Community Solar Program that we did last year are getting bills that are in credit – even in winter!

Where are the panels and batteries made?

There are a range of panels and batteries on offer. They are manufactured in Europe, China, Korea, and South Australia. All providers have an Australia technical support office as well which was critical in our selection process. If you’re looking to support local South Australian jobs, the Alpha ESS batteries are a great way to go. Alpha ESS is now assembling their batteries right here in Adelaide.

What is the expected life of the batteries?

All batteries in the Community Solar Program have a 10 year battery performance warranty. That was a critical factor when selecting the batteries because a lot of the batteries only have 5 to 7 year warranties which isn’t a good deal for homeowners.  Be sure to check the inverter warranty as well as those range from 5-10 years.

What are the next steps to get my system installed?

Here are the steps once you place your solar or battery order:

  • Your order is reviewed by a solar engineer and submitted for grid approval.
  • Your equipment is ordered and installation date is scheduled.
  • Installation is completed by your local solar company and doubled checked by ShineHub engineers.
  • You enjoy the solar lifestyle!

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