GIVEBACK UPDATE: Samaritan House is enjoying the solar lifestyle and saving thousands!

Their electricity bill dropped from $1,452 to $270 as a result of their free solar and battery system.
Community give backs are an important part of the ShineHub business model. We absolutely love receiving updates how our donations are helping to positively impact local organisations and communities.

This morning, we received an email from Samaritan House in Geelong with some fantastic news, that their brand new (donated) solar system is saving them thousands! Check it out below:

Good Morning All

A Great Christmas present for Samaritan House Geelong. The GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!

Following some teething problems with our Power Retailer, we are finally reaping the rewards of our wonderful Solar Power Installation, so generously funded by Geelong Community Organisations.

Although not a full billing period, we expect a quarterly bill in the range of $270 compared to $1452 for the same period last year – a staggering $1180 saving.  Our daily power bill is $3 compared with $16.10 prior to the solar installation


Rotary Club of Geelong

Geelong Sustainability Group


Geelong Connected Communities

-Brian Sherwell on behalf of Samaritan House Geelong Board

Over the past few years ShineHub has run Community Solar Programs with the aim of making solar affordable and accessible to all Australians. Thanks to the Geelong Community Solar Program in 2018, 211 additional households across Geelong are now enjoying the solar lifestyle and we’re able to build a virtual power plant in VIC.

Due to the excellent take up of the 2019 Geelong Community Solar Program, ShineHub and the community partners supporting the campaign were able to donate a solar system to Samaritan House –  a welcoming and safe home for homeless men experiencing crisis, enabling their transition to a better future.

Costs involved in keeping Samaritan House at a comfortable temperature in the heat of summer and the chill of winter was starting to become a significant financial burden for the organisation. By installing a brand new solar system on the rooftop of Samaritan House, we have helped to dramatically reduce their electricity expenses.

Since installation, their quarterly bill has dropped to $270 compared with $1,452 during the same period last year. This is a staggering $1,180 saving! Their daily power bills now amount to around $3 compared with $16.10 prior to the solar installation.

We’re absolutely thrilled that Samaritan House will be able to take these significant savings to help advance their great work – providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for people in need.

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