ShineHub Community VPP: Who’s in Control?

Joining a Virtual Power Plant doesn’t mean giving up control. With the ShineHub Community VPP, you choose who you sell power to and you always make money

You might’ve heard fearmongers at other companies saying that a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) means you’ll lose control of your solar and battery system. They say you’ll be stuck with a single energy retailer – that you won’t see any financial benefit when the VPP uses your battery. Ever wonder why these guys are so down on VPPs? That’s simple! It’s because they don’t have one. And even if they do, they don’t know how to make it work for you.

At ShineHub, we put you, your family, and your community first. We’re experts at giving our customers the best possible value. We designed our ShineHub Community VPP to make sure you never get trapped. It’s the first VPP of its kind in Australia that lets you choose the energy retailer you want to work with – and you get paid more than the going rate for power every single time your battery is used for the VPP (based on Energy Made Easy figures)

Not only are you never trapped with one retailer, you also get a payment of $0.45 per kWh from ShineHub whenever you send power back to the grid. Add on the normal solar feed-in tariff from your energy retailer, and it starts to add up pretty quickly!

Want to reap the benefits of a VPP while still maintaining control over who uses your battery? Book a free consultation with our friendly solar experts and explore your options!

The First Choose-Your-Own Retailer VPP

The ShineHub Community VPP lets you pick and choose your energy retailer at will. Other VPPs try to shackle you and tie you down. That way, the energy company doesn’t have to pay you what your power is worth.

They lock you down with a deal – often a one-time payment – that seems appealing at the time you sign. But the value of that offer will only degrade as time goes on. You’ll watch the company take your power and start to wonder what you’re getting out of it.

ShineHub’s Community VPP is designed to put the power in your hands – you’re the one generating it, why shouldn’t you control it!

Not only can you pick your preferred retailer when you join up, you can change retailers at any time. If you don’t like the way your energy company is doing things, take the power you generate and find yourself a better deal.

When you combine the payment you receive from ShineHub whenever your battery is used with the power to freely shop the market for the best feed-in tariff, you’ll soon find yourself with extra passive income rolling in while you do nothing.

Make Money Whenever the VPP Uses Your Battery

When you join some VPPs, you give away control of your battery for nothing more than a one-off sum or a tiny per kWh payment whenever your battery is used. All you can do is watch your battery lose power while you wonder who’s really getting the benefit.

We designed the ShineHub Community VPP to ensure you are always financially better off when your battery is used. When our VPP uses your battery, you’ll use grid power while your battery power goes to the grid. But whenever this happens, you get paid more than what you pay for grid power. That means profit!

Every time your battery is used for our Community VPP, you get a fixed payment of $0.45 per kWh from ShineHub whenever the VPP sends your extra battery power to the grid. That’s on top of the normal solar feed-in tariff you get from your energy retailer, which is usually around $0.06 – $0.10 per kWh.

Money & Power

Giving away your power is a bad idea. Selling it at a premium rate is a very good one.

You’ve gone from a passive participant to an active player in the game. By selling your power to the grid above the going rate, you ensure that you always make money when the VPP uses your battery.

And you make more than you’d save by simply storing and using the power you generate.

That’s the beauty of the ShineHub Community VPP. We’ve designed it to ensure that you’re always better off. You’ve got nothing to lose by joining and everything to gain.

If you have a battery in your home, you’re basically giving away free money by not signing up to our VPP.

The Big Picture

It’s not just about money, it’s also about the kind of future we want to live in. Australia is on the verge of an energy revolution. The number of homes with solar power is rising, and the big energy fat cats are scrambling to find a place for themselves in a world run on renewable energy. By banding together, we can wrestle control from the big players and build a better future powered by real people.

The power companies have been rigging the game in their favour for as long as anyone can remember. But now ordinary Australians have a chance to control the board! By building a future together based on transparency and fairness, we can create a world where individuals, communities, and energy providers all pull their weight and everyone gets the benefit they deserve. It’s a world of lower bills, cleaner air, and better lifestyles for everyone. And it’s ours for the taking!

Don’t let energy companies control your future. Join the only VPP in Australia that lets you control who you sell your excess power to. Reach out to our experts for a free consultation today and let’s start building a brighter future together!

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