Community Give Back: ShineHub Donates Solar System to Food Bank SA

ShineHub contributes to local communities via our community give back model. Foodbank’s new 11.83kW system will enable an extra 320,000 meals for South Australians in need.
ShineHub customers don’t just get access to top quality solar at unprecedented prices, they also contribute to their local community via our community give back model.

Our 2018 Limestone Coast Community Solar Program is a perfect example of this model in action – we’ve just installed a 43 panel solar system on the roof of Foodbank SA’s warehouse in Mount Gambier thanks to 100 customers who made the switch to solar via the program last year!

Foodbank’s new 11.83kW system will reduce their power bills by over $6,500 each year – that’s a saving of over $165,000 over the lifespan of the system. Better yet, this will mean over 320,000 meals for South Australians doing it tough.

“Those savings can be used to get more food out there to people in need in the Limestone Coast. We’ve done the math – the savings on their electricity bill equates to 320,000 extra meals for those in need! And, for us, that’s what it’s all about,” said Branch Manager, Lynne Neshoda.

Foodbank SA helps to feed more than 115,000 people across the state get access to low cost meals every month. Its Mount Gambier ‘Food Hub’, is a place where those struggling through financial hardship and crisis can go to receive free fresh produce, bread and highly discounted groceries.

Foodbank works with the entire food and grocery supply chain – from wholesalers to markets, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants – by rescuing ‘perfectly imperfect’ fresh fruit and vegetables, sourcing and manufacturing everyday pantry essentials, and providing meals and food relief for the most vulnerable. After just one visit to their warehouse, we knew we wanted to help advance their great work.

You can read more on this story in The Advertiser.

Social responsibility is at the core of ShineHub’s ethos. Our mission doesn’t end with replacing big energy with community solar – it’s about building strong and sustainable communities from the ground up.

Our Community Solar Programs are a great deal for consumers – they bring together the best solar products, local installers and payment options, with the added bonus of exclusive bulk buy discounts. But, they are also a great deal for local communities. We partner with not-for-profits and community groups who help to spread the word about our programs to local residents. In return, we contribute back to these groups and organisations, allowing us to make a big difference in the communities we visit.

If you missed last year’s events but are interested in going solar, our Community Solar Program has just returned to South Australia! If you missed our events in Onkaparinga, but still want to gain access to our exclusive bulk buy discounts click here for a free consultation.

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