ShineHub Named a Top AlphaESS Retailer

ShineHub has recently been recognised as one of the top AlphaESS retailers. Learn why we love AlphaESS batteries

It’s no secret that we’re fans of AlphaESS Solar Batteries here at ShineHub. We’ve sung their praises many times before. We even helped launch their new 13kWh battery!

Well, the feeling is mutual!

AlphaESS recently recognised ShineHub as a Top AlphaESS Retailer, reflecting the great work we’ve done across the country. To date, we’ve helped more than 2,500 happy customers start powering their homes with solar day and night. That’s a total installed battery capacity of 42mWh.

To put that in perspective – that’s as much power as Phosphate Hill’s nine-turbine natural gas power plant.

Why do we choose to work with AlphaESS? It’s not just that they’re one of the most respected solar brands in the world. It’s that they’re reliable, they perform well above the industry standard, and they do what they say they’ll do.

Put simply, AlphaESS Solar Batteries just work!

Ready to start powering your home with sunshine even when the sun goes down? Reach out to our solar experts to get your battery today!

AlphaESS – Best of the Bunch

Over the course of 12 years in the solar industry, AlphaESS has become synonymous with quality. With 40% of its employees in R&D and more than 100 Energy Storage patents, they’ve staked out their place on the cutting edge. And they’ve been recognised as an Top Solar Brand by German researcher EUPD.

That’s why we’ve made AlphaESS our solar battery of choice. Because when you’re setting up your home solar system, you want to be certain it’ll work as well as it possibly can. With AlphaESS, you have that certainty.

Let’s take a quick look at what makes AlphaESS special:


AlphaESS batteries boast a lifespan of about 8,000 cycles. That corresponds to a lifespan of approximately 15 years. As much as half a decade longer than other batteries on the market.

That’s huge! An extra five years of battery lifespan adds up to a lot of value. Think about it this way. If you’re getting quarterly bills, five years amounts to 20 extra power bills! Choosing AlphaESS over another battery with a shorter lifespan means you could save on 20 more electricity bills over the course of its lifespan.

Don’t mistake battery lifespan for a small thing. It can make a massive difference.

Simple Design

No one wants their battery to be unnecessarily complicated. And AlphaESS knows that simplicity of design translates to versatility.

AlphaESS batteries are designed to be ‘plug-and-play’. That means it’s easy to add more storage when you need it.

Adding a heated pool or an extension to your home? Then thank your lucky stars that you went with AlphaESS, because getting extra power is as simple as stacking a new battery!

Backup Power

You could be forgiven for thinking that blackouts are a fact of life. They are for many people. But they don’t have to be for you… if you have an AlphaESS battery!*

AlphaESS’ backup power mode can protect your essential appliances and circuits when there’s a blackout. So while everyone else in your neighbourhood is fumbling in the dark for candles, you’ll be charging your phone and grabbing a cold beer from the fridge.

That’s just one way your life will be better when you’re not relying on the grid!

AlphaESS is Compatible with ShineHub’s Virtual Power Plant

If you haven’t heard us talk about our VPP yet, you haven’t been paying enough attention.

And why can’t we shut up about our VPP? Because it’s one of the best ways to add even more value to your home solar system.

Basically, when you join our VPP it lets you sell your power back to the grid for a premium rate of $0.45/kWh. That’s well above the going rate for power, meaning you’re always better off when our VPP uses your battery!

And here’s the best news – if you get a ShineHub solar system with an AlphaESS battery, you’ll be able to join our VPP.

That means more money in your pocket every quarter. Stack that extra money on top of the energy savings you’ll get from your panels and AlphaESS battery, and it starts to add up pretty quick.

A lot of our customers have cancelled out their bill altogether. Some are even finding themselves regularly in credit!

Say goodbye to blackouts and start powering your home with solar – day and night! Book a free phone consultation today to find your perfect solar solution!

*For certain circuits of the home only. Terms and conditions apply.

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