ShineHub VPP customers earned $7.05/kWh in December 2019 Event

How our virtual power plant customers earned $7.05/kWh for their battery power in Dec 2019.
If someone came along and offered you 21 times the going rate for the power sitting in your battery, would you accept their offer? Of course you would! Well, that’s exactly what’s been happening to all the smart households currently on board with our South Australian Virtual Power Plant (SA VPP)!

At the end of the last year, our SA VPP kicked into gear and transformed household batteries right across the state into little goldmines. There were a few notable events during times of peak demand – at first, our virtual power plant customers were paid $1.245/kWh, later $1.747/kWh, then finally, wait for it… $7.05/kWh!  That means for every kWh sent to the grid from their battery during that event, they earned $7.05/kWh as a payment.

Keep in mind, the going rate for buying grid power in South Australia is around $0.35/kWh. Not only are our solar and battery customers in SA largely self-sustainable, those signed up to our SA VPP are now roping in additional cash for their stored power during times of peak demand – at times, by 2100%!

If you’re a SA household with a solar and battery system, it’s time to make your next smart energy decision – get on board with our SA VPP. It’s completely free and no additional hardware is required, we’ll simply set you up with our VPP app and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Unlike other VPPs we don’t just offer you a single upfront payment for joining and then pay you the standard feed in tariff for your energy ($0.09/kWh). Our VPP will always pay you a great rate based on supply and demand, starting from $0.379/kWh right up to $7.052/kWh. ShineHub’s SA VPP guarantees that you will always get paid more for your battery power than what it costs you to buy grid power.

If your resolutions for this new decade included ‘making more money’ and/or ‘saving the planet’ – we can help you tick them off your list.

For ShineHub customers in SA already fitted with a solar and battery system, click here to get on board with our SA VPP.

Thinking about going solar and interested in the ‘full suite’ of solar savings – solar, battery and VPP? Click here to get a free quote.  

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