Commercial PPA

Why Your Commercial PPA is Incomplete without a VPP

Without a VPP, your Commercial PPA will only be a fraction of what it could be. Join a Virtual Power Plant and maximise your value

There are a few solar companies offering Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for commercial projects that let you install solar panels for no cost upfront. It sounds attractive, but what they don’t tell you is that panels by themselves only allow you to tap into a fraction of the potential value available with solar.

ShineHub offers a Solar Panel & Battery PPA that can add huge value for your business. Without a battery, you’re only able to offset your power when the sun is out. But if you have battery storage, you can use your solar power instead of grid energy even if the sun’s down! You use the power you need during the day, and whatever you don’t use gets stored on the battery. Then you can use that battery power whenever the sun’s not shining on your panels.

Even if you do find another company that offers a PPA with solar panels and battery storage, you still won’t realise the full value that you could have with one more missing ingredient. What’s that ingredient? A Virtual Power Plant.

A Better Commercial PPA

Let us explain! When you join a Virtual Power Plant, you allow the grid to take power from your battery whenever it’s experiencing times of peak demand. In exchange for the power used by the grid, you get paid $0.45/kWh* – in addition to the usual Feed-In Tariff offered by your electricity retailer.

Every. Single. Time.

If your site is large enough, it might be possible to install hundreds of kWh worth of energy storage, which can then be accessed by our VPP to generate additional passive income for your business.

Even if you don’t have panels, installing battery storage can give you access to new revenue streams. Our VPP lets you generate passive income by charging from the grid at times of low demand and then sell that power back during times of high demand. Plus you can use that power yourself to ensure you’re never paying peak prices.

Are you ready to open the tap on a brand new revenue stream? Request a quote or drop us an email at and we’ll upgrade your business with a Commercial Solar Solution and help you join our Virtual Power Plant. Visit our Commercial Page to learn more.

Get Paid for Your Power

ShineHub’s Commercial VPP is the simplest way to get paid for your power. The commercial solar market can be confusing, which is why we think it’s important to have one simple way to add value to your business. And it comes with a dollar amount!

Every time your battery is used by our VPP, you get paid a premium rate of $0.45/kWh. That’s well above the going rate for a Feed-In Tariff offered by Australian electricity retailers.

Stop and think about that. Your Commercial Solar and Battery solution could be capable of producing hundreds of kWh every day. And if you’re able to sell that power at a premium rate of $0.45 per kW, it can start to add up pretty quickly.

Unlike other Solar PPAs, which typically offer you savings from using your own solar power or profits through complex wholesale market activity, our VPP pays you a simple and substantial amount every time it uses your battery.

And you can take that to the bank!

Standing Out from the Crowd

Let’s get down to brass tacks… there’s nothing else like this out there. You’re welcome to go look for another simple VPP that always pays you above the market rate for your power. In fact, we encourage you to do just that!

If you’re shopping around for a commercial solution, make sure you ask everyone whether they have a VPP you can join. And if they do, ask them how much it pays when it draws upon your battery. You’ll hear a lot of talk about how it’s too complicated to set up a VPP for commercial projects or how you’ll end up getting tied to a single energy provider.

Here’s what’s really going on. The simple fact is – nobody else has a Solar and Battery PPA with an included VPP. We’re the only solar provider that lets you set up your business with a Solar and Battery solution for a low monthly payment. And that’s how you get access to our simple VPP and the additional revenue it can generate. Every time it accesses your battery.

So, what makes ShineHub so special? Simple. It’s a matter of experience.

ShineHub Commercial VPP – From Strength to Strength

We’ve had extensive experience with residential VPPs. We’ve trialled and created major VPP projects with partners like Ausgrid, Powershop, and FCAS markets. And we’ve leveraged all of this experience to create a Virtual Power Plant that’s unique on the Commercial Solar landscape.

Part of that experience involves scalability – and as we’ve scaled our residential VPP up, we’ve learned how to manage projects of a size comparable with traditional power plants.

Our residential VPP is now capable of producing more than 12.8mW of power per hour. That’s not kilowatts… megawatts!

Let’s put that in perspective. 12.8mWh is roughly twice the potential power production of the AGL natural gas plant at Regency Park! And we’ve been firing up our residential VPP twice a week on average in 2021.

We’re always leveraging our knowledge and connections to increase the frequency of Virtual Power Plants so that we can put more money in your pocket.

Scale and frequency are the two keys to delivering real profits from your Virtual Power Plant. And when you partner with ShineHub, you’re partnering with the best in the business.

Ready to start generating additional revenue for your business? Request a quote or send us an email at Our commercial solar experts will work with you to find a total solar solution that can truly take your business to the next level. Visit our Commercial Page to learn more.

*Shinehub VPP terms and conditions apply.

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