Commercial Energy Solutions

Industry-leading energy solutions from the trusted Australian experts in renewable energy.

Instant Savings

Reduce your business energy spend instantly with cheaper solar power. Save up to 45% from day one!

Join our Virtual Power Plant

Unlock new revenue streams by joining our VPP. Zero cost to join, no lock in contract, and get paid $0.45/kWh every time your battery is discharged during VPP events.

Flexible Energy Solutions

We design and deliver solutions for a wide range of commercial customers – from offices and shopping centres to strata groups and residential developments.

How does ShineHub Compare?

ShineHub PPA

Easy to understand, zero upfront cost

Other Solar Companies

A riskier proposition

Powow PPA

Easy to understand, zero upfront cost

Other Solar Companies

A riskier proposition

Custom energy solutions for any industry

Take control of your business energy spend with a complete solar and battery solution – including access to our Virtual Power Plant program. Unlock new revenue streams for your business and generate extra income from the power you don’t use.

Shopping Centres

With ample roof space and high evening and weekend energy consumption, shopping centres are excellent candidates for solar + battery solutions. Reduce your energy spend and generate passive income with our VPP.

Property Developers

Solar and batteries are a golden opportunity for property developers – differentiate and promote your project with the latest renewable technologies, while giving residents access to low-cost sustainable power. Improve the environmental rating of your development with energy solutions for common area loads to reduce shared energy costs for residents.

Community Energy Projects

Community energy projects allow multiple participants to share the benefits of a single large-scale solar and storage project while reducing individual costs. Whether you’re generating power for commercial or residential premises, community projects are an effective way to do it.

Schools & Libraries

Carparks & Retail

Local Government

Hospitals & Aged Care

Child Care Centres

Latest Commercial Offer

50kW or 100kW Solar System + Storage

Install a massive 50kW or 100kW solar panel system including battery storage. Ideal for developments and commercial buildings with plenty of roof space, this offer can cut costs for offices, retail businesses, and more! And it’s compatible with our VPP, meaning you could generate a new source of ongoing income!

Why partner with ShineHub?

ShineHub Commercial specialises in complex, large-scale renewable projects. Our success is built on extensive industry experience and a deep technical understanding of renewable energy technologies.

Our dedicated team undertakes all solution architecture, electrical design, and engineering in-house – so we’re in control of your project from conception through to commissioning and handover.

What does that mean for you? The peace of mind that your solution has been designed by experienced renewable energy experts to deliver maximum possible value to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial solar offers a huge range of benefits for businesses. You instantly cut your power costs because you’re generating and storing your own energy. And on top of that, joining a Virtual Power Plant can generate additional passive income.

And never underestimate the differentiation of being a solar-powered business. When your competitors are running on dirty old fossil fuels, your customers will take notice.

You can take advantage of a government incentive that covers up to $57,435 of the cost of your solar solution. Combine that with our $0 deposit, Powow PPA and you’re looking at a boost to your profits from the moment your system is up and running.

What kind of savings? You can expect up to 46% instant savings on your energy costs from day one!

When you join a Virtual Power Plant, your battery provides on-demand power for the grid. And every time you send power to the grid, you get paid a premium of $0.45kWh.

This has a special benefit for large-scale commercial projects, as you’ll typically be able to generate and store a large amount of power. By joining our VPP, you’ll get paid more than the going rate for power every time your battery is used to send power to the grid.

And that means passive income for your business – a brand new profit source!

We’ve been making headlines across the country!

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*Shinehub VPP terms and conditions apply. ^Powow PPA-approved customers only. Savings vary according to individual circumstances. Qualifying customers’ accounts will be credited with their energy usage based on the calculated solar generation and specifications of the solar generation unit installed at their premises under the PPA. Terms and conditions apply.