Order Form Terms and Conditions

By using this Order Form, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. This Order Form is not a binding agreement on either party. There will be no contractual relationship until a formal agreement is entered into between the parties. Either party may cancel the Order Form before a formal agreement is entered into.
  2. This Order Form is an estimate of cost only and shall not be relied on as a final quote. Final quote may vary and is subject to your provision of satisfactory documents and, where necessary, onsite inspection.
  3. The formal agreement could be entered between you and Shine Hub or one of its associated entities.
  4. The estimate is based on the assumption that you qualify for local and federal solar and/or battery incentives and that you choose to subscribe our virtual power plant plan. If you are not eligible for these incentives, or if you order a battery and do not subscribe our virtual power plant plan, then this Order Form shall not be used.
  5. Any deposit paid as a process of the Order Form is fully refundable until a formal agreement is entered into between the parties.
  6. No interest would accrue on any deposit paid, nor would the deposit be held on a trust or separate escrow account.
  7. The Order Form and any right herein is not transferrable to another party.
  8. Your information provided will be kept confidential by us. For our privacy policy, please see [link].
  9. Any $0 deposit pay as you go plan quoted through the online form would be provided by a third party partner of Shine Hub. The quote is subject to final approval of the third party partner.